Friday, October 2, 2009

More recommendations

B is for Blank by Randilin
It arrived just as I hit send on my column for the Phoenix Republic. The address wasn’t familiar, other than that it belonged to a free service that anyone could sign up for. It was the first line of the e-mail that grabbed my attention 'I have to set the record straight...' clicking it open I scanned the contents. Someone calling himself Mr. Griffin wanted to meet and wanted me to tell his story, apparently his real story. I would have ignored it if I had anything else planned but the evening was clear and the place he wanted to meet was just around the corner.

Side of a Bullet by Geektreasure
Sergeant Jerry Malcolm Davis watched his target intently through the medium-strength scope of his rifle...

Darcknyt tells us about 'The Book Boogie'
My wife likes to read before she goes to sleep.

That’s fine. She has this cool little fluorescent light to read by so I can shut the light off and go to sleep while she reads long into the wee hours. But if I happen to be awake when she falls asleep, I get to see The Book Boogie...

Small Comforts by Trevor Mcpherson
Aubrey stood silhouetted against the window, contemplating his paper plate of cookies and cake, and the eulogy he had just heard. Pete and Connor joined him, each with their own plate of ladies auxiliary baking, and cup of maudlin coffee. The thick white paint of the window frame had cracked and yellowed over the years, framing the men in a Norman Rockwell moment...

Reliable Photographer by John Wiswell
None of the other detectives will listen to me, but if you’ve just got a minute, I have photo evidence that my neighbor is evil! Look at this picture. You can see the sound waves coming through the walls of his apartment. That’s unnatural...

And there is just so much more here at #fridayflash!

Be sure to check them out!

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  1. Oh wow, I did not realize you had a collection going. I am sorry I missed that! Thank you for the link back, and I'll try to be more observant in the future :)