Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Best of My Blogroll

Well here were are again... I have no best website of the week this time because they were all pretty cool.

Kindertrauma forced me to remember the most disturbing episode of Little House On The Prairie ever! And after I had worked so hard to suppress it! (Still not as bad as that The Waltons one with the poltergeist though...)

Do you suffer from the disorder known as Elf Rage? Read this thought-provoking piece from Burning Zeppelin Experience and decide for yourself.

DarcKnyt mused about horror films that moved or disappointed him. He also looked for suggestions for some other horror movies to try out. Always a subject I like to barge in on.

Gone and Forgotten thrilled us with tales of the Justice League fighting their own uniforms!

Monster Crazy showed me a cast photo from The Comedy of Terrors that I had never seen.

Once again Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies makes intrigues me with a movie I had never heard of before. This one is called The Night God Screamed, the title alone is gold I tells ya. GOLD!

The Haunted Closet had scans from a graphic novel adaption of Dracula by artist Fernando Fernandez. It looks like its off to the used bookstore so I can try to score a copy.

The Lighning Bug's Lair posted a nice review of Let's Scare Jessca To Death- a horror film more people should know about.

Monster Brains just has some great art from just about everywhere to look at.

Francis Hogan added a new page to My Supa Life and the world rejoiced!

Meanwhile I have the latest installment of In The Shadow Of His Nemesis ready for Wednesday and I may have broken through the mental logjam keeping me stuck around chapter 50 or so... (Yes it is going to go on that long... at least!) I also found the lost pages and notes for part three of my Star Wars fans vs Zombies saga, I may have something new to show you on that front sometime soon.

Also I still haven't had any visitors from Montana or North Dakota yet... what's it gonna take?


  1. Hey, Al, thanks for the shout-out again. I appreciate it and your input on my discussion of horror movies.

    BTW, I'll be talking about another one I saw last night called Habitacion de la Nina or something like that. Translates to "The Baby's Room". A Spanish movie ... and pretty good. It's on FEARnet OnDemand, so check it out if you get the chance.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I want to also thank you for sending props my way, and for commenting on my site. Always a pleasure to see your thoughts.