Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chapter 12 is here!

Well book one is starting to pick up speed... in a lazy sort of way I suppose.

I hope you all are enjoying it.

Hey did you notice we have had over 4,000 hits? Not too shabby all things considered.

I just finished reading a graphic novel by Sam Kieth called Ojo

At first I wasn't sure I liked it, I started reading it thinking we might have a bit of Lovecraftian horror mixed in with some childhood trauma but what I ended up getting was very different...

This is what Amazon.com has to say about the story- "Annie has terrible luck with pets. She's killed hamsters and mice and lizards and birds. For a domesticated animal, getting Annie as an owner is akin to a death sentence. But when Annie finds a little beastie in a drain pipe named Ojo, has her karma really changed or is she destined for more disappointment?"

Ojo was sweet and strange and it had a cameo appearance by a Mysterious Trout.

It's just odd but it's the best kind of odd really. I think I'll read it again soon.

But for now I am reading a collection of the original Vampirella stories. It was one of the comics my parents never allowed me to buy. I used to think it was because they weren't comfortably with me reading sexy horror stories at such a young age.

Now I wonder if it was because they were afraid I would start dressing like her...

I'll just let that image sear itself into your mind a bit.

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