Friday, April 17, 2009

My somewhat weekly listing of blog posts from the last week I liked

What? Me? On a schedule?

First off we have Kindertrauma with an article about my favorite horror film PHANTASM, I never met an article about the movie I didn't like.

The blog Burning Zeppelin Experience by Mark Simmons was kind enough to give my work a shoutout. This has of course elevated Burning Zeppelin Experience to GREATEST BLOG EVER! For the week anyway. It was the efforts of this blog as well as Darcknyt that finally made me realize having a blog layout that looked like the ass-end of the Necromonicon might not be a good idea.

And speaking of Darcknyt (and don't say that name 3 times in a mirror after midnight or he will show up at your door and borrow twenty bucks.) Darcknyt has been working on a series of prose pieces about the people he commutes with called "Cast of Characters". They're very well done and I think worth your time.

The site Horror's Not Dead kindly informed us that while Magnolia films may have utterly screwed the pooch in regards to the DVD release of LET THE RIGHT ONE IN somehow the instant view version available via NETFLIX has the correct theatrical subtitles. A good way to see the film until the DVD with the restored subtitles comes out.

Monstercrazy had this really neat picture of Boris Karloff asleep in his makeup chair while getting made up as the Mummy. It made me want to watch the movie all over again.

The Haunted Closet shared some art from a book called 'Orrible Murder An Anthology of Victorian Crime and Passion Compiled From The Illustrated Police News

And old school horror artwork, Monster Brains was kind enough to show us some paintings of Buddhist Hell. As if I didn't have enough to worry about already.

Well that's it, back to trying to get some writing of my own done around here...

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  1. Al, I can't thank you enough for the continued support. I appreciate your kind words, and I hope you enjoyed the C.o.C. series. I'll get back to it another time.

    I think I'm going to rip you off and start featuring something like this on my blog too. Good Friday filler.

    Thanks again!