Sunday, April 23, 2017

D.W.A.R.Vs needs your support!

Being a genetically-engineered super-soldier from Deep Warfare Assault Recon Fifth (V) Section and waking up after countless time in hypersleep is bound to bring a few surprises... like a world of monsters and magic at your feet. There’s a few months’ gap in your memory, seems a lot of time has passed, and a really not-all-together A.I. named O.D.I.N. says they have emergency orders for you: discover the lost history of this world while claiming it as your own. If that means you need to sweep and clear dungeons with massive firepower or extract young unmarried women under threat from secure locations, well, that’s part of the mission. Along the way, you can also piece together just what happened between the Lost Times and now, understanding where your former Galactic Confederacy went and find a place you can call home...

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