Monday, October 31, 2016

"Is Ed real, or am I crazy?" by hEaDeater

Ed is back.
I know that doesn’t mean much at the moment, but it is the reason I have finally decided to tell my story. It will probably take a few posts to get everything out, as I am writing this during my free time at work and at night when my family is asleep.
I have never opened about Ed to anyone, not even my wife. I have had nearly thirty years to think about him and come up with my own reasons to explain my interactions with him, and I will do my best to state what I think versus what I know, though both amount to ‘not much’. I will refer to Ed as ‘him’, but to be honest, I have no clue what gender it is, or if it even has a gender. I don’t care, either way. What I do care about is answering the question that has haunted me for almost as long as Ed has.
Is Ed real, or am I crazy?...

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