Thursday, August 8, 2013



Famous Monsters: I’d like to talk MORNING GLORIES first, which is a series that kind of blows my mind. I’m a little bit obsessed with it.
Nick Spencer: Oh, thank you!
FM: And I have to say that the scope of it, as far as the timeline goes, totally boggles me. I feel like I would be incapable of thinking so meticulously far ahead. How far do you go, in terms of planning? Do you prep for cancellation, for example, or do you just say okay, this is going to happen no matter what?
NS: Earlier on it was harder, because we didn’t know if we were going to have the life that we wanted to have as a series. At that point, trying to build something that would be adjustible in scale was tricky. Now we have a pretty stable fanbase and our numbers are good, and we don’t feel like the book is going anywhere, so I think we’ll get to tell the whole story we want to tell and take our time doing it. I feel like we have a lot of open space in front of us. And as far as keeping it all straight… I don’t have any big “master planning” documents. Everybody thinks I’ve got a crazy pinboard in my garage, like in a BEAUTIFUL MIND. But no, it’s just all in my head. I don’t have that hard of a time, because I spend so much time inside the book writing it that it’s not very often I need the reference. I keep issues handy so I can refer back and make sure that I’ve got my years exactly right. But we’re coming up on Issue 30, and I’ve only made one mistake. I got one year wrong. But it was fudgeable. It’s about to get even more complicated, but now we’ve got these fansites and annotations, and they’ve done timelines and things, and I look at those! Which is amazing. I’ve figured out how to get someone else to do my job for me. [laughs]
FM: There’s even an extensive Morning Glories Wiki.
NS: The Morning Glories Wiki is fantastic. They do a really good job. I use that stuff, too...

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