Sunday, April 21, 2013

(CHILLING TALES FOR DARK NIGHTS) Lucy Clifford's THE NEW MOTHER as readby Heather Ordover

...“The New Mother” is a short story written by Lucy Clifford and first published in her collection of children’s stories, The Anyhow Stories, Moral and Otherwise, in 1882.  Click here to access a Kindle eBook copy of the entire collection of stories.
Author Neil Gaiman has acknowledged “The New Mother” as one of two major influences on his 2002 novella Coraline, now a major motion picture, which is for sale on (DVD format). The story was also adapted into the shorter story “The Drum,” as featured in Alvin Schwartz’s classic creepy folklore collection More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.  It was also featured in the infamous horror anthology The Dark Descent...

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