Thursday, January 17, 2013

TOPLESS ROBOT interviews the always awesome Don Coscarelli!


Yesterday, I ran an interview with acclaimed actor Paul Giamatti about his performance and executive producer in the odd horror/comedy/sci-fi/drug-trip flick John Dies at the End. Following our conversation, I got to talk to his director, Don Coscarelli, who has a track record of making cult films that get remembered, from The Beastmaster to Phantasm to Bubba Ho-Tep. The oddball auteur's latest feels like one that will similarly endure, so long as people get to see it.

Yes, some of the questions are very similar, but Coscarelli's take on things, as always, is his own. And some answers will become clearer after you've seen the film. Or maybe not - it's a weird one. But unlike some other filmmakers out there, this is one director who trusts the audience to figure things out for themselves, and while that doesn't always make for massive profits, it has bought him an intensely loyal following over the years...


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