Monday, October 29, 2012

My friend and collaborator Francis James Hogan new project GAMES 4 TROOPS is worth your time and support... spread the word...


Francis explains the project here;

WHAT IS GAMES 4 TROOPS? A while ago, Mike D from ZP and I were chatting about all the good classic games we have hanging around, and we came upon an idea to send the games to the troops in Afghanistan.Turns out this is easier said than done. After a couple of months it became clear to me that the best way we could help is by auctioning off the games and using the proceeds to get our troops some much needed comfort, especially with the holidays coming up. To that end, Games 4 Troops is offering several auctions on E-BAY. All proceeds will be donated to The Blue Star Mothers' Freedom Box Project. You'll be helping to bring our troops, the Blue Star Mothers' deployed sons and daughters, and our friends and fellow gamers in harms way, a little comfort from home. 
I've got a bunch of different bundles of games up so please check it out or spread the word to your gamer pals! 


Click here to contribute/bid

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