Thursday, March 29, 2012


Now this sounds very promising indeed. It’s just come to light (well, the interview in question has been online a couple of weeks, but still) that talks are underway for a TV series of 1990′s cult favourite Nightbreed. For those that need reminding, Clive Barker’s second and to date penultimate directorial effort, adapted from his novel Cabal, tells the tale of Aaron Boone, a troubled soul and possible serial killer, who finds himself drawn to Midian, a fabled subterranean city of monsters. It’s a tremendous premise that makes for a great read in Cabal, but unfortunately Nightbreed is a less than stellar film, owing at least in part to well-documented behind the scenes issues. It also ended in such a way as to launch an ongoing series of stories which to date has not materialised on the page or the screen. As such it’s ripe for revisitation in one medium or other, and TV seems like a really good fit...
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