Wednesday, October 19, 2011

(Insane News) Man with 100 pound scrotum needs $1,000,000

THIS my friends is why we do need socialized medicine. The insane part of the story is that we have a  suffering human being that has to go begging for help...




The Las Vegas Review-Journal today brings us the heartbreaking story of one Wesley Warren Jr., who just three years ago possessed a scrotum as normally sized as yours or mine. (Click here for video.) But something happened, something doctors can't explain. Suffering from scrotal elephantiasis, Warren is now going public with his affliction in hopes of raising enough money to undergo a rare and risky procedure that might be his only hope of living a normal life.

Warren carries his milk crate wherever he goes to support his swollen scrotum. He can only void his bowels from a standing position (he must use a pail) and cannot control the flow and direction of his urine. He hasn't been able to hold down a job since 2009. He battles depression daily.

Doctors cannot find a trace of the infection that's usually the cause of scrotal elephantiasis, and are mystified. The only option covered by Warren's Medicaid is, essentially, castration. But Warren still holds out hope...

Doctors in California are willing to try an experimental procedure to remove the tissue while preserving Warren's testes, but it will cost upwards of a million dollars. To that end, Warren is swallowing his pride and making a public plea for help. He recently went on the Howard Stern Show, hoping to raise the money for the operation.

If you'd like to donate, Warren asks that you contact him at

Las Vegas man with 100-pound scrotum seeks money for surgery [Review-Journal]


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