Thursday, July 2, 2009

Having a blast

I haven't been working on my blog much this week, I've mostly been spending time with my daughter. Summer vacation and all that, we've been having a good time with going swimming, video games and setting off fireworks in pre-July the 4th celebrations.

After living in New York for most of my life I have to admit that being in a place where you can buy fireworks at your local Wal Mart is quite a bit of culture shock. Not that we didn't have access to fireworks when I was growing up but they were traded like contraband.

I actually remember one fine summer getting into a firecracker war with my best friend, my best fiend and my best friend's hot hot sister. We were literally lighting entire clusters of firecrackers and hurling them at each other. When I think about it I'm amazed that I still have a full set of fingers to type to you with.

Of course with the way I spell and drop words you might think I'm missing fingers anyway.

The fireworks we used last night were fun, they didn't send fire hazards shooting into the air like a good old fashioned roman candle and didn't create deafening explosions like an M-80. These were just little boxes of gunpowder that sent released a little shower of sparks sensible, family friendly bangs.

They had amusing names like Sparkling Rose, Fiery Dragon, Patriotic Storm and Golden Shower.

Yes dear reader I actually held a box of minor explosives in my hand called Golden Shower. I can only assume that someone in the firework's factory was fired before he could finish designing the box logo for the dreaded Cleavland Steamer.

Anyway I hope to have some new material to share with you soon, and don't forget that the book two on my serial novel begins July 8th.

Will I be able to finish book three before book two ends?

The suspense- and the actual writing- is killing me.

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  1. Sounds like a great time was had by all. I remember shooting off fireworks when I was a kid, too, and being able to buy them in SOME counties where I grew up. (Fire hazard made the difference there.) "Snails", "punks" and "cherry bombs" were among the names of articles I've used in my day.

    So "Golden Shower" doesn't seem too weird to me.