Thursday, May 9, 2013

(Kickstarter) My friend and and frequent collaborator Francis James Hogan has created an RPG for kids!

You have probably noticed Mr. Hogan's artwork all over this blog of mine. I think his Kickstarter concept is worth your time and attention...

Adventure Maximus! is a role playing game designed with kids in mind. As a parent, we want to get our kids involved in the same games we play but sometimes our games are not 'kid friendly'. The sad reality is most RPGs on the market today are not geared for children, just us older gamers. But how do we get the young ones into the hobby that we grew up on? 

Well we make a game for them! 

Adventure Maximus! is a game where kids can easily create a character, plan and run adventures, find treasures and be heroes of their imagination. Adventure Maximus! inspires creativity, problem solving and provides quality face time with other human beings rather than staring into computer screens all with the help of dice and cards (by using dice and cards it gives the kids that extra toy value to keep them at the table).

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