Thursday, January 7, 2016

RETROSPACE has monkeys, pantsless policewomen and the supermarket from Hell!

Back to the lurid world of vintage fumetti - where sleaze and genuine artistic skill meet. The result: unparalleled lowbrow masterpieces. So, if you're up to another round, let's take a walk down the dark and twisted path of Fumetti Lane...

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Barnabas Deimos presents "The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God" by J. Milton Hayes

From Barnabas Deimos

Star Wars Merchandise is a little different in Scarfolk...

Back in 1977, SMS (Scarfolk Medical Supplies Ltd) desperately wanted to get on the Star Wars bandwagon and prepared a pitch for a series of potential tie-in products aimed at sick and other feeble citizens who are a drain on NHS resources. In addition to the product mockups posted above and below, there were also Darth Vader oxygen masks for asthmatics, X-Wing-X-Ray machines, Sith bedpans, and Chewbacca toupees. Even the slogan on the promotional catalogue reads: "Use the Forceps!"