Saturday, March 29, 2014


I love GONE AND FORGOTTEN and you should too!

There’s probably no more iconic superhero costume in the history of the genre than Superman’s, but that didn't keep ‘em from tricking it out like a tile floor in the Shining hotel but wearing a red belt. Likewise, that didn't hinder the happenings of Action Comics No.236, January 1958, where Superman ditched his familiar red-and-blues for something that looked a little like a banana blowing a spit bubble. When Professor Xavier Carlton ask Superman to doff his familiar togs so the scientist can test an exploding robot (“Fantastische, he explodes exactly as I hoped! Muzzer vill be so pleased” I imagine him saying so that my use of quotation marks won’t be entirely misleading), the Man of Steel leaves the premises in an ersatz suit poorly engineered to handle the extremes of super-exertions common to everyday heroics. Turns out Xavier Carlton is actually evil scientist Lex Luthor, which is something I’m sure Superman would have noticed if only he’d had any kind of super-ability relating to seeing through disguises, hearing and recognizing individual heartbeats, or generally having any sort of super-senses which would make a rubber mask and fright wig and unacceptable effort to delude him.,,
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Back in Justice League of America (vol 1) #35, the League had the honor of getting to fight not only against their own recently worn leggings and panty liners, but also the recently worn and left-to-hang-around-without-getting-washed boxers of their greatest enemies (well, some of their enemies, anyway. “Greatest” is a particularly loaded term)...
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What fresh Hell is this? Oh, it's just BIKINI GIRLS VS DINOSAURS...


I have never heard of the film YETI, GIANT OF THE 20TH CENTURY but now I must see it.



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(Recommended Hotness) Hey it's Envy!

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Rest In Peace Dave A. Trampier

Another piece of my childhood is gone...


Dave Trampier's art helped to define the early years of the roleplaying hobby, the images above being some of the most iconic from Dungeons & Dragons' formative years...
















(Loved this one.)


Dave A. Trampier


(Recommended Hotness) The oh-so seductive Freshie Juice!

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