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What the world needs now: A DOCTOR WHO BURLESQUE SHOW!



The DALEKS have invaded the MONDOVERSE and corrupted MASTER MONDO! The Sacred Seal of THE GREAT HOUSES has been torn asunder and all PLAY is in peril! Can Dr WHAT bring the Houses together, reassemble the Seal and save the MONDOVERSE!? Join together with your HOUSE and race through TIME and SPACE with Dr.WHAT in the (re)Tardis in order to meet CHALLENGES thrown at you by MASTER MANDALEK! What strange universes must you travel to find all 7 pieces of The Sacred Seal of THE GREAT HOUSES? Can your Wit, Charm, Style and Ingenuity save the MONDOVERSE!?


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The trailer for RIGOR MORTIS...

Paul Hanley flashes back to the 'Cartmel master plan' to bring us THE OTHER!

From his DEVIANT ART page

Ironically, this latest "I'll draw anyone as the Doctor" commission is probably gonna be the most controversial of the bunch, even though it's the most canonical. It's also really stretching the definition of "The Doctor", but I couldn't resist the challenge. And there's something gloriously transgressive about depicting him at all. :D Gallifreyan legend speaks of three men instrumental to the creation of Time Lord society: the wily and sinister Rassilon; the brilliant but doomed Omega; and an "Other" lost to history. Some say this being is connected to the Doctor. Some even claim he IS the Doctor. But a lot of people believe a lot of different things about where the Doctor comes from, who he really is, and who he'll become. And always remember the first rule: The Doctor Lies. ;) A big special thanks to one of Doctor Who's great myth makers, Lance Parkin, for offering advice on how the Other should look (which interestingly, was very different from my initial idea). I did my best to mesh up the description he gave me with the fleeting bits of description Marc Platt offers in the novel "Lungbarrow". Hopefully this'll serve as a "definitive" version for this rarely-depicted character...

Friday, June 28, 2013

The video for Nine Inch Nails latest... by David Lynch!

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BUZZFEED says Raquel Welch is the hottest sex symbol of the last 50 years... AND THEY'RE RIGHT!







The trailer for JUGFACE will teach you the meaning of sacrifice.



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Thursday, June 27, 2013

ARMAGIDEON TIME's Ultimate Powers Jam introduces us to JUDY OBSCURE!






You think there is only one world, and you think you know your place in it.

You think your name is Judy Hatch, and that you’re a normal middle-school girl — quiet, a bit big for your age, not particularly athletic. You live with your family in a boring suburb. You like to read about science, you take piano lessons, you bicker with your brother. You’re smart; you suspect you may be a genius. You notice things that others don’t, and occasionally it gets you into trouble. But mostly you do not think of yourself as anything but ordinary.

Occasionally you daydream — as children do — that your parents are not your parents, and that you have a destiny Somewhere Else. Not that you are a princess, or anything (don’t be stupid, that stuff is for babies), but that you are in some way extraordinary, and that one day your real parents will take you away from the drab sameness of your little town and off to a new world of magic and danger and excitement, where you will be understood and appreciated, and where you will never, ever be bored.

You know that this is only a daydream, though. Until the day that it isn’t.

It’s summer — just before your eleventh birthday — and you’re camping with your family at the dumb state park, like always. It’s not like you’ve been fighting with them, really; but the weather is lousy and you’ve been cooped up in the tent with your brother, who is annoying as only a 14-year old boy can be. And it’s not like you’re running away when you leave camp and hide in one of the caves that dot the hillside just off the trail. You just want some time to yourself. And to let your family realize how much they’d miss you, if you were gone.

But of course your parents freak. You’re barely settled before they’re running around, calling your name, like it’s a rescue mission. Then your dad’s outside the cave, and it’s so unfair. You’re not ready to be found. Not just yet.

But when he looks into the cave, his eyes just … look past you...


To read the rest click here.

The music of AC/DC, bagpipes and fire... THIS ONE'S GOT IT ALL!



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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

And they say romance is dead...



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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My audio adaption FOREVER 'TILL THE END OF TIME (a story in the key of Lovecraft)

From my YOUTUBE page


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David Hasselhoff THE COMIC BOOK?


The Hoff character, co-created by the Hoff and Simon will appear as a time-travelling agent of H.O.F.F. (Heroes Of Fearless Freedom), and will team-up with the Funk Commandos in a history-making special team-up issue… co-written by Simon Williams and David Hasselhoff. Simon is looking forward to meeting the Hoff at the London Film and Comic Con in July: “I literally can’t believe it… I’m a long-time fan of Davids. It’s going to be amazing… I genuinely can’t wait!”

GEEKS OF DOOM has me very interested in THE SHINING GIRLS


I’m not much of a reader, as my moniker may have indicated to you. Still, I’ve always enjoyed a good book and felt it was time to try my hand at reviewing some, which brings us to my first go of it, The Shining Girls. The book comes from author Lauren Beukes, who previously wrote Moxyland and Zoo City, and delves into the world of time-traveling serial killers. You read that right: time traveling serial killers...


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Thank you Richard Matheson, thank you for some of the greatest storiesof my childhood.

Richard Matheson, a prolific American science fiction author and screenwriter whose stories were made into movies and TV episodes, has died. He was 87. He died at his home in Los Angeles on Sunday, according to his son...

Sometimes I am stunned over how much of my childhood this man was responsible for.
He wrote the script for the original THE NIGHT STALKER movie as well as it's sequel THE NIGHT STRANGLER.

THE RAVEN (1963)

The classic TWILIGHT ZONE episode NIGHTMARE AT 20,000 FEET.


BLOOD SON aka DRINK MY RED BLOOD (One of my favorite short stories of all time.)

And the infamous TRILOGY OF TERROR

Monday, June 24, 2013

Sasquatch must have one Hell of an agent! Check out the trailer for WILLOW CREEK...

The Cold Inside (a serial novel) Chapter Twenty-eight part one

The Cold Inside
Chapter Twenty-eight
part one

Tuesday January 10, 1995

“He crashed his car right into the front gates, just as the buses were coming in.” Warren said, “What more proof do you need?”

The four of them huddled in the front alcove of the Blessed Heart School, ignoring the occasional shouted insult or snowball. From where they were they could see the damaged archway. They didn't have long until homeroom started.

Greg looked pale, “Just a coincidence. It must be.”

“It's a pretty good one then.” Rich said. “How did he do it?”

“I'm not sure really, it's something like hypnosis.” Warren explained, “He used it up by the old cemetery last semester. It freaked the Pretty Boys out, made them leave us alone.”

Yusuf shook his head, “Hypnosis? I have never heard of such a thing like this.”

“Look,” Greg said, “even if that was true that means that he almost got Fred killed.”

Tristam stepped into the alcove, “His car had an airbag.”

“How did you do it?” Rich asked.

“It's kinda like hypnosis.” Tristam looked at the front gates and smirked.

Warren rolled his eyes, “I wish I had thought to say that.”

Greg said, “This is pretty creepy. Weird and creepy.”

“I don't understand any of this.” There was a patch of ice at Yusuf's feet, he chipped away at it with the back of his heel. 

“You don't have to.” Tristam said, “We're just getting back at them, were teaching them what it feels like to be terrorized.”

“Whatever happened to turning the other cheek?” Greg said.

Rich frowned, “Didn't they kill the last guy that tried to preach that?”

“Pick a target Greg,” Tristam smiled mischievously, “Come on.”


“Think about it Greg, what if you could do anything to anyone? What if no one could stop you? Would you really just stand by and let yourself keep getting abused? Are you afraid to stand up for yourself?”

Greg crossed his arms over his chest, “This is crazy, and do you know why its crazy? Because you're not doing anything. You can’t be.”

“Oh ye of little faith.” Tristam said. A teacher hurried past them into the building, he waved at them offhandedly. Tristam was the only one that didn't wave back, “Then pick one of them out for a little payback, if you're right nothing will happen.”


“OK then, how about you?”

The patch of ice was almost gone, Yusuf looked up from kicking away at it. “Me?”

“Yeah, there must be someone.”

“Oh I don't-”

Warren suggested, “What about the girl that started saying you had bugs in your hair?”

Yusuf frowned, “Linda Kaspary? She said I have lice. I have to admit I wouldn't mind seeing her a little embarrassed… But not hurt.”

Tristam smiled, “I'll only hurt her pride, and I'll do it by lunch.”