Saturday, March 11, 2017

Damnit DC get this one right!

Friday, March 10, 2017


And now the trailer for ONE OF US (gooble gobble?)

Either the trailer for LIKE ME is tripping or I am!

Here is the trailer for Fantagraphics new superhero line of comics. They had me at the girl with a bullwhip.

Do not watch the trailer for ATOMIC BLONDE with your grandma!

An animated performance from Paul Shaffer and Bill Murray...

Just some standard Puddles greatness...

And now some Amanda Palmer...

The Vest! Do you hear me? THE VEST!

THIS JUST IN: Foamy is still angry...

ARMAGIDEON TIME considers the Human Bomb - who was totally a thing.


Created by Paul Gustavson (under the pen name of Paul Carroll), the Human Bomb was a research chemist named Roy Lincoln who was helping his pa synthesize “27-QRX” — the most powerful explosive known to man.

The compound was so destructive and volatile that the Elder Lincoln worried about what would happen if it should fall into enemy hands — so, naturally, the lab was rushed by a gaggle of Fifth Columnist goons the moment after the old man finishes is portentous speech. After the goons finish off his dad, Roy decided the best way to keep the Axis from nabbing the only sample of the formula was to eat the damn thing.

(I suppose it could’ve been worse. His dad could’ve been involved in top secret research on cat litter, broken glass, or Taco Bell food.)

This being a superhero comic, the chemical miraculously infused Roy’s body with raw explosive power. His punches could explode walls, his bare skin could disintegrate bullets, his poops could make him the most unwelcome house guest ever. Roy used his new abilities to wipe the Fifth Columnists (and his father’s mansion) off the face of the earth, vowing bloody vengeance upon whoever sent them.

Needing a means of controlling his pyrotechic powers, Roy whipped himself up a containment suit of “fibro-wax” before exploding his way up the chain of underlings in search of their Nazi paymaster. When he did finally (as in “two pages later”) encounter him, Roy’s revenge was as fittingly horrific and thankfully off-panel....