Saturday, April 13, 2013

This song has been stuck in my head all day - and now it's stuck in yours too!

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(Recommended Hotness) Up close and personal with Sophie Coady...

Be sure to stop by her new (Possibly NSFW) website












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Friday, April 12, 2013

Rest In Peace Jonathan Winters you were one damn funny guy...

From USA Today


The world of comedy has lost a legend.

Jonathan Winters, who was known for his improv work that inspired many a contemporary stand-up comic including Robin Williams, Jim Carrey and others, has died. He was 87.

Longtime family friend Joe Petro III says Winters died Thursday evening at his Montecito, Calif., home of natural causes, reports AP.


And actually all the guys in the follow clip were awesome parts of my childhood...

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(Recommended Hotness) Hex Hypoxia helps round out this fleshy Friday!

From her NSFW blog





(Recommended Hotness) 'Prawdziwe kobiety mają krągłości' is all that and more!

From the NSFW blog










(Recommended Hotness) And now London Andrews...

From her NSFW blog







worst Underpants EVER!


The real name of this bizarre (sexy?) pair of men’s undies is “String Latéral Flash Bleu Alter” but we felt that “one-sided grape smugglers” was a more accurate description of what we’re looking at here. These skimpy little beauties are available to purchase at French underwear retailer Inderwear...



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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Plaid Stallions gives another example of pure manliness!

Joe Estevez and some snotty teenagers versus Paul Bunyan? The trailer for AXE GIANT





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Here comes Johnny! Or they're making a prequel movie to THE SHINING?



...Meanwhile, in Hollywood, a prequel is moving forward, titled The Overlook Hotel. Glen Mazzara is in talks to write the screenplay for the proposed project; he's the former showrunner for TV's The Walking Dead who exited the series a few months ago. He's written many episodes of TV shows (Nash Bridges, The Shield), but doesn't appear to have any feature film credits...


Who knew action figures made from twist ties could be so cool?


Japanese artist Shota Katsube has built a fierce army of tiny action figures out from colored twist ties. They are currently on display at the Wellcome Collection museum in London as part of an art show titled Souzou: Outsider Art from Japan. The show runs until Sunday, June 30, 2013...




Things get weirder and nothing is explained! THE NIGHT BLOGGER: SLIM TO NONE

The trailer for POUNCE promises creepy critters!



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Yay! The newest installment of THE SECRET KNOTS is here!