Friday, March 3, 2017

Hot dog! Let's check in with Foamy!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

GONE & FORGOTTEN remembers the The Blue Circle


Young inventor Len Stafford somehow gets in the good graces of seven reformed criminals. It's implied that they owe him -- or, more specifically, his alter ego of The Blue Circle -- and are making good on it by participating in a seven-member secret council, also called The Blue Circle (Council). When Len puts a lightly coded message in the newspaper, the seven former crooks come running!

Blue Circle is one of those old-time comics that just work, and yet never took off. The heroic Blue Circle being aided by a group of reformed criminals, all of whom offer their criminal expertise in the name of justice when called on by their masked leader, is a nice callback to the assistant-heavy pulp heroes of the previous decade. Plus, the assorted skillsets are crafted to fit into the story in a meaningful way. When he's busting up a counterfeit ration coupon ring, The Blue Circle calls upon Greg Stern, master counterfeiter. When kicking the craps table out of a bunch of crooked casino operators, The Blue Circle makes use of former casino cheat nicknamed Fixer. Or so I assume it's a nickname, he could be the proud offspring of Janet and Rory Fixer, for all I know...

I am excited and proud to tell you that Morbid Butterfly has adapted my story THE EYESTALK KID!

And now the trailer for THE SHADOW PEOPLE

Two from The Devils Interval

And now the trailer for PHOENIX FORGOTTEN

And now the trailer for the Netflix story DARK

I still can't believe THE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY are a thing. (It's awesome.)


Tuesday, February 28, 2017


The trailer for THE DARK BELOW

And now the trailer for OKJA...

The trailer for LITTLE NIGHTMARES has creepy kids on the rampage!

Sids Super Sidious Creepypastas presents "Red Moon"

Two from Mr CreepyPasta!

East India Comedy tells it like it is!

WE HATE MOVIES has Tango and Cash!


On this week's episode, the gang has a long-overdue conversation about the ridiculous 1989 action comedy, Tango & Cash! Was Jack Palance wilder here or in Batman? What's with Brion James' horrendous accent? And why did that bartender have those drum sticks? PLUS: A fake Kurt Russell podcast that could turn into a real Kurt Russell podcast!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Who is the QUEEN OF BLOOD? Dark Corners Reviews knows!

THIS is what happens when you let your D&D campaign go off the rails!

Kong is here to kick ass and drink red berry juice. AND HE'S FRESH OUT OF RED BERRY JUICE!


The Cinema Snob has a new CONQUEST!

Episode Twelve of the Night Blogger Podcast as dropped.

Episode Twelve
Atwater takes a turn.

So many comic covers that your monitor might melt! (Do people still use monitors?)