Saturday, October 10, 2015

Enter the world of the Night Blogger!



  Now before we get started I need you to understand that I am not a hero, I’m not some light in the darkness, I’m an obituary waiting to happen.  Once, not too long ago, I was just an ordinary guy with ordinary dreams. The Vorvolaka changed all that, it turned my family into a bulk discount at the cemetery and left me with a target on my back and a stain on my soul. One straw fedora later and I’m the guy ready to believe everything but never able to prove anything.  I’m the Night Blogger.

(Recommended Hotness) I guess I am gonna be a Hex Hypoxia fan for life!

From her website (NSFW)

DRABBLECAST presents 'The Little Mermaid of Innsmouth' by Caroline M. Yoachim


Tomiko knelt at the table, across from her father, carefully holding her back rigid and straight as they ate their breakfast. She hoped the formal posture would make him take her arguments seriously, but he barely looked at her as he ate mix of rice and nattō, fermented soybeans that gave off a pungent smell and overpowered even the constant fishy odor of her father’s skin...

The trailer for PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES is exactly what it says it is.


Barnabas Deimos presents "Thomas in Las Vegas" by Hardtoremember feat. Aural Stimulation and KittenReadsHorror

From Barnabas Demios


(Recommended Hotness) And now a Brenda Song megapost...