Saturday, June 20, 2015

MrCreepyPasta presents 'The Observer'

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Lupus Creepus presents "All Work and No Play" by MurderHouze

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More madness from the badass bestiary of Michael Bukowski...


Friday, June 19, 2015

ARMAGIDEON TIME speaks of current events and 'The Enemy Within'


First things first: If you feel the compulsion to respond to this with “not all men,” then fuck off right now.

Without discounting or downplaying the racist motivations behind the monstrous attack on the Emanuel AME Church yesterday, it’s important to consider that the pathology of the murderer and other of his ilk transcends any single ideology. Their deeds are symptomatic of an associated problem known as the “Angry White Young Dude.”

The mindset is rooted in an overwhelming sense of privilege, inculcated and reinforced across centuries of history. In terms of America’s social stratification, white malehood is to be “to the manor born.” All the perks and open doors, with little if any of the systemic oppression inflicted upon those who don’t fall into that elect category. (Unless you count class oppression, but good luck finding any white American who thinks such a thing is a real issue, and even then the burden falls lightest on the lighter-skinned males among us.)

Yet so much of that privilege is unnoticed by those who most benefit from it. Not getting sexually or racially harassed or exploited is presumed default mode, making it easy to contrive excuses for why it seems so commonplace (providing one cares to pay attention) for so many other people. They’re substantial perks, but they’ve been taken for granted for so long that they tend to be ignored in favor of other perceived grievances — namely, “why doesn’t the universe acknowledge my greatness?”

It’s no coincidence that these Angry Young White Dudes tend to be around the age when Young White Dudes in general have a rock-solid certitude about how the world really “works.” It’s particularly pronounced in those of the tribe who exhibit a shade more “intelligence” (relatively speaking by cultural values of the same) which often resolves as a form of self-pitying megalomania. 

Hey, I was there once...

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Grow up? At 47 I don't think it's gonna happen....

A Groucho Marx biopic? From Rob Zombie? Go for it man! Never let them pin you down. (Unless you're into that kind of thing...)


Musician, horror filmmaker, and social media pariah Rob Zombie has decided that his next project will be a film about the final years of famed stage and screen comedian Groucho Marx.

The feature will be based on Raised Eyebrows: My Years Inside Groucho’s House, a memoir written by Steve Stoliar, who worked as Marx’s his personal secretary and archivist during the last years of the comedy icon’s life. 

In the book, Stoliar talks extensively about the relationship he developed with Marx and the many fascinating famous personalities he encountered along the way, from Mae West to Jack Lemmon and even Marx’s own brothers Gummo and Zeppo. He also documents his dealings with Erin Fleming, an obscure Canadian actress who became Marx’s companion and exerted much control and influence over his life and career (though she did receive credit for helping to revive his career towards the end of his life).

Looking towards the future and bringing up the rear.

Well here we are, a place I never thought I would be. My entire ten year backlog of stories and novels (plus a lot of new stuff I worked on over the last few years) has been posted here on one form or another. I have no new content to share right now.

But fear not I am working on new material, more Night Blogger audio adventures and standalone short horror stories. I have already finished a whole bunch of new first drafts that I am working on polishing up. I also have a bunch of new outlines for Binder of Shame stories I want to get done but I am hoping to you guys will pay me a little something for those via my Patreon page.

I don’t plan on writing any new novels for a while, what I really want to do is move the Night Blogger tales forward as an audio series. Kind of like WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE but with more monsters and dick jokes. With that in mind I am holding off on adding new prose to the Night Blogger A SEASON IN HELL storyline until the stories have made their debut in audio/podcast format. Some may even disappear for a while as I revise them.

I really hope you folks excited and interested about all this new stuff and keep visiting.

But just in case you could care less… here come the BOOTIES!

New Doctor Who comic covers? Be still my nerdy heart(s)!


CHILLING TALES FOR DARK NIGHTS presents "Be Careful What You Wish For" by Boris Stravinsky

From Chilling Tales For Dark Nights

MrCreepyPasta presents "Freak Show" by Vincent V. Cava

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Barnabas Deimos performs 'The Sleeper' by Edgar Allan Poe

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FINAL GIRL promises one killer blonde!


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Power Girl and Harley Quinn going toe to toe with an alien!

Today’s Power Girl & Harley Quinn #1 sees the pair meet an internet commenter. hq2 Basement dwelling, spotty git making judgements upon all. So how will he react to Power Girl? Why, the way the internet often seems to react. Judgementally, uncaringly with a soup├žon of slut-shaming...

Scarfolk is rife with mysterious presences and natal truancies!


Don't buckle from this amazing post from PLAID STALLIONS!


A close encounter of the kitty kind!


The trailer for THE GIFT features a character that might have some issues with arrested development. (Yeah, I went there.)


And now a musical interlude with Brandon Tenold

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Your CGI PEANUTS trailer is here.