Sunday, December 4, 2011

Remaindered, Rejected And Irreconcilable part nine

Price Breaks And Heartaches

A journal of retail and failed romance

Chapter Eight

Remaindered, Rejected And Irreconcilable

part nine

I need to say something before we reach the end.

I get it now. I really do. Tallulah had experienced two near misses with motherhood and each time had been ready to meet the challenge. Meanwhile I was talking about nothing more than the unrealistic dream of getting rich quick as a writer. She was acting like the twenty year old woman she was and I was acting like a 16 year old with his first girlfriend.

Had I expected her to just support me while tilted at windmills? Truth is I never ever really thought about it. I never really thought about anything beyond the next boink.

Sure hot chicks are getting knocked up by slacker douchebags all the time these days and maybe I was ahead of the curve but Tallulah deserved better than that.

I misunderstood her final words to me, I would misunderstand them for years, but trust me dear reader I get it now.

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  1. Hey Al, I've just spent the last couple days reading your whole story in my free time and I'm hooked! I hope you were expecting your readers to feel like they knew you after hearing about your experiences, especially those of us who have survived a similar mix of nerd lifestyle, sudden unexpected attention from women and attempting to hit it big on our dreams. Can't wait for the next installment!

  2. You were attending college and working besides. You were taking care of your business Al. Talullah wasn't communicating with you and she's to blame for that relationship failing, not you.