Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Nick Of Time (and other abrasions): A Heart Full Of Dust Part Twenty One

The Nick Of Time (and other abrasions)

A Heart Full Of Dust


Al Bruno III

(Twenty One)

The steel scaffolding of the tower stretched up into the night. Its top level was engulfed in a whirl of crimson luminosity that tinged the sky like an aurora. Adiramled stood in the heart of the churning incandescence, his vision protected by a pair of tinted goggles. This uppermost level was no more than four yards across and only accessible by a service ladder. He carefully checked the containment unit, a rectangular mass of thick wires and thicker metal.

The light from the Xenon Splinter bled through the walls of its prison. It didn’t like being told what to do. He stepped back, avoiding the cables and wires that snaked along the floor, and admired his work.

There were no railings on this uppermost level, so he had to step carefully. He stood there, sandwiched between the raging incandescence and the open air. Soon this ancient artifact would rip a hole in the universe, and he would leave to begin his new life. Ltolox had already shown him glimpses of this so like what this world had been like but pure and innocent.

Innocent or not, they would pray to him.

Hungering for another glimpse of his future subjects Adiramled stared into the glow, reaching out with his mind. Anyone could posses the Xenon Splinter but to control it was a test of willpower. And he had no shortage of that. If he wanted to see the future he'd see the future, if he wanted to rain down lightning and thunder, all it would take was thought.

He could feel the Splinter trying to resist his presence, trying to fill his mind with nonsensical images of High Priestesses and crucified clowns.

Adiramled would have none of this. He redoubled his efforts, raping his consciousness into the crystal shard.

“What are you hiding?” he whispered, “What are you hiding?”

There was a sound like thunder, the tower trembled. For a terrifying moment it seemed as though Adiramled might lose his balance, but then he caught himself.

He glared at the containment unit then turned and began to climb down the service ladder. Below him in the crumbling remains of the New City the Myrmex worked silently. He paused and watched them wondering if they had any inkling that their lives were nearly at an end, or if they cared. Unfortunately there was no time to investigate that or the Xenon Splinter's little peccadilloes; Ltolox was hungering to consummate their alliance.

He began to climb down the ladder, careful not to slip.

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