Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Four Years


Has it really been four years since Vanessa Bruno passed away? I guess it has.
How did it happen? How did she go from being a member of my friend group I found insufferable to one of the great loves of my life?
More than anyone else, she made me the man I am today. No, more than that, she made me the man I was supposed to be—the man that sometimes only she could see.

On December 18th, 2019, she left this world after six years of chronic illness and close calls. And it hurt, Lord, how it hurt. But more than anything else, I was grateful, and every year I’m more grateful.

“Don't weep at my grave, for I am not there, I've a date with a butterfly to dance in the air.
I'll be singing in the sunshine, wild and free, Playing tag with the wind, while I'm waiting for thee…”
~~ Jenn, The Butterfly Box

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