Wednesday, March 23, 2022

FInally we have something better than Jeff Goldblum as Dracula - NICOLAS CAGE AS DRACULA!

We’re still pinching ourselves that “Nic Cage playing Dracula” is an actual thing that our eyeballs will soon be able to witness. New photos from the set of Chris McKay’s horror comedy Renfield, which stars Nicholas Hoult as the put-upon assistant of a certain famous vampire, now make us even more eager to see Cage in action...

And now for comparison's sake
And then, finally, we come to it: The smouldering cherry atop Horrorland’s kitschy cake. Goldblum swoops in as Dracula, and I’m expecting a feast of flamboyant hand acting and enough ham for werewolf village breakfast. But I’m disappointed to report that Jeff’s portrayal as the Prince of Darkness is understated to the point of being inaudible. Maybe it’s the fake teeth he has to wear, which make him talk like he has a mouthful of biscuits. Or maybe it’s the ignominy of playing a cartoon vampire in a forgotten CD-ROM game. Either way, it’s like you can feel him firing his agent as he urges out every reluctant line..

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