Friday, December 9, 2016

Keith Bailey of THE UNKNOWN MOVIES has a new review!

When I'm away from watching unknown movies my television set and subsequently writing reviews about them on my computer, there's a good chance that you'll find me at my place of employment. And while I'm there, there's a good chance you'll find me being driven crazy by customers regularly interrupting me. For some reason, customers simply cannot find anything on their own despite the various sections of my store being clearly labelled. Don't get me wrong - for the most part I do enjoy my job. I'm given work that makes me feel like I'm genuinely contributing something. But I do get those regular reminders that my job is not perfect. But that's how practically all jobs are like, and these annoyances do make it easier for me to believe the reports I hear about jobs much tougher than my own. There are some jobs that are tough just to get into. For example, there is acting. First you have to invest a lot of work and money just to land an agent. If somehow you've managed that, it's not clear sailing from there - you have to go to one audition after another, where you are competing with hundreds of other would-be actors. I could never have that much perseverance. Then there are other jobs that might be easier to get into, but come with a lot of stress. Having taught English overseas, I know that the life of a teacher can be tough, with problems ranging from uncooperative students to all the work you have to do outside of the school to prepare for class. One of the most stressful jobs I have read about is being an air traffic controller. Having to continually monitor the safety of hundreds of lives and multi-million dollar aircraft is something I know that would be simply unbearable to me...

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