Saturday, May 23, 2015

Woah! Keanu Reeves is having a killer threesome! Check out the trailer for KNOK KNOCK


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I'm tired of these motherfuckin' undead super-nazis on these motherfuckin' flying sharks!


(Recommended Hotness) 20 from Hex Hypoxia

From her NSFW blog

It looks like Jason Banker's new movie FELT might be weirder than his last one!

From BLOODY DISGUSTING (and other places)
“Amy is hanging on by a thread. Struggling to cope with past sexual trauma and the daily aggressions of a male-dominated society, she creates grotesquely-costumed alter egos that reappropriate the male form. While giving her the sense of power she craves, acting as these characters pushes her further into a world of her own making. When she begins a new relationship with a seemingly good guy, she opens herself up to him – but that vulnerability comes at a dangerous cost, and her alter egos threaten to lash out in explosive violence. Based on the real experiences and art of co-writer/star Amy Everson, Felt doesn’t just point a finger at rape culture; it takes a full on swing at it, creating a feminist psychological thriller that audiences will be hard-pressed to shake off...”