Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A new GoFundMe update

It has been a quiet few days. Ness is recovering nicely but it looks it will be six weeks before she can exert herself in any real fashion.

A lot of the folks that made donations here knew me from my RPG.net rants days so I was inspired to try writing them again. I think my sense of humor is much gentler than it was in 2002 but people say I still got it so I tell ya what, going forward I will try my darndest to create one new RPG.net rant a month.

Also, we are moving! We found a new place for significantly less and plan to make the move as soon as we can.

So, that being said, anything donations you can send our way will be deeply appreciated. This is not gonna be easy but once it is done a lot of our financial pressures will be eased.

Thanks for listening.

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