Tuesday, May 21, 2013

(Insane News) "Nymphomaniac Will Use CG To Put Its Stars Faces Into Hardcore Footage"



Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the film’s producer Louise Vesth gave some idea of how Charlotte Gainsbourg, Shia LaBeouf and Uma Thurman, amongst others, will be shown engaging in hardcore sex on screen.

"We shot the actors pretending to have sex and then had the body doubles who really did have sex and in post we will digital impose the two. So above the waist it will be the star and the below the waist it will be the doubles..."


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  1. Well, that takes all the piss out of the Shia LaBlewit pun I was working on. Seriously though whoever paid to make this movie is retarded. It won't be shown in theaters, it probably won't have enough sex in it to get anyone interested in buying it as a porno, and I doubt it's going to be winning any awards with it's story.