Saturday, September 29, 2012

(Recommended Reads) 'The Drive' by nherk49

I’ve always been a city kid. I grew up in Salt Lake City and enjoyed the large buildings and night time life. Even as a kid I liked the lights and hustle of the city. There’s something special about the movements and people that live the metropolitan life.

But it was all torn away from me, if my circumstances would of been different I would of stayed in the city forever. Unfortunately, it was a decision I had little choice in. My father, who was a wildlife scientist, found a prosperous job opportunity far, far south of Salt Lake in a small town on the Arizona, Utah border.

I had just turned eighteen and had graduated from high school. I had been debating whether to follow my family down south or start working and find a cheap apartment in the city. After some easy arithmetic, I decided I would move with my family for the summer as I waited for college to start in September, but only under the strict agreement that my parents allowed me to borrow one of the family cars to drive home and see my friends on the weekends. They agreed...


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