Sunday, August 5, 2012

(Recommended Reads) 'Beyond The Theatre Of Hands' by Daentric


"He's not going to be asleep forever! Get the coin ready and wake him up!" A voice barked from outside my room. The sound of several people moving around barely seeped through the walls. What were they doing? What, "coin," were they preparing?

My room was anything but familiar; the walls, bed, and cabinets were colorless voids of white. Maybe this was a mental hospital of some kind, not that I recalled demonstrating unstable behavior. Actually, I didn't remember much of anything; where I worked and who I cared about didn't register. There weren't many clues available in that little white room, but there was something. My head had unexplainable pressure pulsing from the back; it wasn't painful, but once I noticed the pulsing I couldn't focus on anything else. Was it some kind of injury? The urge to reach back and feel the area was too much to pass up, so I carefully felt the back of my skull...

"Hmm..." I calmly stated to myself, "is this metal?"


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