Friday, March 30, 2012

(Recommended Reads) 'Uncovering The Well' by EdmundVaughn


When my mother was younger, she worked for a non-profit agency that provided services to low income people in a very rural part of Kentucky. This was back in the mid-seventies, and even then there were still many people in Kentucky who lived on family farms without electricity, running water or other utilities (and it is still like this, unfortunately, in many rural parts of the state).

My mother's job was to travel around a two county area checking up on people and trying to help them if they needed it. Most of the people she dealt with were elderly. It was a time when more and more young people were leaving either for college, or for work in larger urban areas (Lexington, Richmond, or even Cincinnati), leaving the older people alone in these rotting shacks without most things we consider basic...


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