Saturday, October 29, 2011

FASCINATION WITH FEAR lists some favorite horror soudtracks.

Some good suggestions here. I have a good many of them already but this has added several titles to my 'Must Buy' list.

Soundtracks are my life.

Okay, that's over-stating it a bit. But it's no lie that most of the music on my iPod is horror movie scores. You could say I have a serious obsession. I've got waaay too many downloaded scores from off the internet, many are even legal!

Of course I like most of the same scores as the majority of other horror fans, the ever-popularHalloween, Jaws and The Omen...but I also have a lot of more obscure ones. I recall my serious fixation with getting my hands on the score for Psycho II (which most regular readers here will not be surprised to hear). It was listed on eBay, sure...for about $150.00! That was certainly out of the question. Finally found it for around $25.00 - it was on cassette and was in Nebraska. Guess what? I bought it. A few years later I found it online - for free! Of course I won't tell where, but suffice it to say I was elated and probably made about four or five copies. I even have a copy in my fire safe with my marriage certificate and insurance policies. Now that's commitment! It remains one of my favorite scores.

Anyway, I've listed twenty-eight of my favorite scores. I thought about trying to find samples for every one of them, but some of them would be hard to find and I'm not savvy enough to know how to upload them here...

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