Monday, February 21, 2011

Ray Garton's story about the inspiration for the novel TRAILER PARK NOIR is more interesting than most other guys actual novels.

(and Mr. Garton's actual books rock as well.)


Although I’m known mostly for my horror fiction, my latest novel, Trailer Park Noir is not a horror novel. It’s a dark tale about the residents of Riverside Mobile Home Park, a small trailer park in the northern California town of Anderson.

I grew up in Anderson. In fact, I grew up next door to the trailer park that’s described in this novel. For the book, I moved the park to another part of town so it could be on the shore of the Sacramento River, but it’s the same one I lived next to as a boy. The real one was called Shady Hill Trailer Park. It had no pretensions – it was not a “mobile home park,” it was a trailer park, dammit!...


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And be sure to order a copy of TRAILER PARK NOIR!

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