Thursday, July 8, 2010

I just wanted to say thank you...

I was going over my analytics and realized that in the span of one year this blog has gone from an average of 30 visits per month to an average of 500. That's a lot of visitors and they can't all be from that Dave guy that stalks me...

I also have 117 subscribers and 60 followers which is just awesome.

Ten years ago I thought that my characters and stories were going to die with me but knowing that you folks out there have been reading and enjoying them means the world to me.

Think of it, each of you carries a little sliver of my dreams around inside your head now- kind of like a trichinosis infection but with bad grammar...

Anyway. I just wanted to thank you all. You make this crazy writing thing a lot less lonely.


  1. Ooh, trichinosis with bad grammar...I like it!
    Yes, I agree. This web thing makes it a lot less lonely.

  2. always on my hit parade, al! Not only is your stuff witty and weird bu you always spotlight the best of others. thank YOU!

  3. Always keep writing and posting, Al! You never know who you're influencing. :)