Sunday, May 23, 2010

(Recommended Reads) "imagination'' by ecelliam

your nearness gives pleasure to the makes a plateau ..a golden hue.
embracing me and you...a stable condition on my feelings...
a range of emotional excitation..interjecting a beautiful view.

like when the sun is about to set.. body stops.. I cease to exist..
like the sun that moment projecting beautiful rays.

feelings inter my when you inter my embrace..
enclosing a love..

a grace of...something far above..
.. leaving just a trace .. .

as a delicate..and lovely melody.. dances inside my mind..
entangles tunnels..vissions..glorious..views..
as if I was intertwined in the flash of those you left behind..
when I think of if your touch is my imagination is what I feel.

when you like when the melody ends..the sonatas...the voices of the arias....gone from the voices that were there.

tears so great that interrupts the rain..
like the grains of a river-bed...moving like the blood in my veins..
disturbing your en brace.

tears that disturb the beauty that was there..
just before I feel your touch....once more it's just my imagination .. .

it is's the sadness part of my voice..
my imagination..becomes excitation once agar....once again..

stabilizing a culture in my heart..stabilizing the purity..

the purity of love.....
That has been left......afar-

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