Saturday, January 9, 2010

WHEN IS EVIL COOL has given me the ONE LOVELY BLOG award

The awesome blog WHEN IS EVIL COOL was kind enough to gift me with the ONE LOVELY BLOG award!

And as per the rules (and to spread the love) here are 15 blogs I think deserve the same award. Check 'em out!

1.) Monstercrazy

2.) Mad Utopia: The Official Home Page of J.M. Strother

3.) Lovecraft Is Missing

4.) Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies

5.) Suppertime Sonnets

6.) Adventures In Nerdliness

7.) My Supa Life

8.) DarcKnyt

9.) Random Acts Of Geekery

10.) Mazz In Leeds

11.) Monsterbrains

12.) Monsterland

13.) My Monster Memories

14.) Gone and Forgotten

15.) The Princess and The Giant

Now all you winners cut and paste the above award onto your lovely blogs and then pass the love on to 15 beloved blogs on your own!

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