Friday, August 4, 2017

Lemmy and Bowie - still rockin'!




Thursday, August 3, 2017

Season Three of THE NIGHT BLOGGER PODCAST begins in October! Catch up now!

"My name is Brian Foster and some people call me The Night Blogger..."

Season One


Part One
The Graveyard Game.

Part Two
Back from the shadows again.

Part Three
The House Of Gorgo. The Parliament Of Moloch. Under The Eye Of Luna.

Part Four
Waiting for the Mortician, or someone like him.

Part Five
Dies Irae.

Season Two


Part One
Another roadside distraction.

Part Two
How to annoy a librarian without really trying.

Part Three
The old switcheroo.

Part Four
The house that follows.

Part Five
The obligatory voicemail installment.

Part Six
Twizzlers and beer.

Part Seven
Everything you know is wrong.

Part Eight
Mandatory exposition.

Mr. Croad and me.

Purple prose in a crooked house.

The way out is through.
Digging in the dirt.

Bonus Episodes

shaveA meditation upon a scrapyard diary.

A hidden room and a forgotten nightmare.

“This is Sweet Jane and I will be talking to you from nightrise to dayfall because this is Muldwych After Dark…”

We interrupt today's regularly scheduled blogpost...

Not all footage should be found.