Saturday, October 14, 2017

On the future of the blog...

Hi friends and followers.

Can you believe I have been doing this since 2008? It went from from prose to cheesecake so gradually didn't it?

Now the blog is not going anywhere, the Rants and fiction will still be here for your enjoyment but as 2018 comes around I plan to not be making 20+ posts a day.

Most of the posts now will be promos for my existing work and new fiction. The comic covers, booties and movie trailers are going to fall by the wayside so I can focus more on other things.

But who knows? I may change my mind again sometime.


  1. No more cheesecake??? But... but... but...

  2. Hey, AB3! I just stumbled across your blog. you probably don't remember me, but I was on RPGNet when you were posting there. I went by Darth Tang. Congrats on your writing career!

    1. Good to see you. You are one heck of a writer as well!

    2. You're too kind! I've been hitting the indie scene a bit, publishing books on Amazon.