Thursday, August 31, 2017

That's the spirit GONE & FORGOTTEN!

Spirit Man/Spiritman -- a.k.a. Spirit Malcolm, which I think is kind of a weird thing for someone to name their kid -- and his best pal Ray Williams monitor the Futurscope, a device which allows them to commit sneaky peeks all around the world at will. They probably sell crazy amounts of bootlegs video recordings. Spiritman also boasts "Mistodine," a powerful ray device which turns him into "an unseen shadow" (i.e. a shadow in a dark room, I guess) and allows him to fly, pass through solid matter, and arrange for all sorts of interesting murders. Also aiding him in his quest for death is a ray gun which can bore through solid matter. So, you recap: An invisible flying man with a death ray can watch you at any time no matter where you are. All on the same page? Okay...

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