Thursday, August 10, 2017


There's heroines from distant, fantastic lands whose journey to the modern world is undertaken in order to bring the ideal of peace and enlightenment to a wart-torn global civilization. Then, sometimes, powerful amazon warriors just leave home because they are so fucking bored t's unbelievable.

While the first kind of amazon warrior just got a popular film franchise started, the other is Amazona, The Mighty Woman, a Wonder Woman by way of Frigidaire, possessed of "surpassing strength and unmatched beauty" and whose people are the last survivors of a deadly ice age. For some reason, they celebrated this fact by establishing an entire civilization in the middle of the arctic circle. And Amazona goes around wearing a leotard and slippers. They laugh in the face of their near-extinction, is what I gather.

Arctic Explorer Blake Manners wanders the lonely ice plains after his ship is frozen in place. He finds a strange, lipstick-shaped palace in the middle of the lifeless expanse, and discovers, to his delight, white people inside! He was really excited about it, honestly. I think he thought he'd found North Dakota...

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