Monday, March 13, 2017

GONE & FORGOTTEN's exploration of the Mircroverse continues!

The rebellion is in full swing, yet Karza has split his forces so as to launch an assault on Spartak, living homeworld of the fearsome Acroyear warriors, where the Micronauts now reside. His forces outnumber the heroes, but Prince Acroyear has bonded body and soul with the living planet of Spartak, and turns the planet's rocky mass against his enemies, striking Homeworld ships out of the sky with rocky arms the size of mountains. Meanwhile, Karza has captured -- and possibly killed! -- Arcturus Rann, the one man everyone counts on to save the Microverse from Karza's malevolent grasp! This three-issue climax to the first Micronauts story arc is fully underway and, this issue, it gets grim...

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