Thursday, March 2, 2017

GONE & FORGOTTEN remembers the The Blue Circle


Young inventor Len Stafford somehow gets in the good graces of seven reformed criminals. It's implied that they owe him -- or, more specifically, his alter ego of The Blue Circle -- and are making good on it by participating in a seven-member secret council, also called The Blue Circle (Council). When Len puts a lightly coded message in the newspaper, the seven former crooks come running!

Blue Circle is one of those old-time comics that just work, and yet never took off. The heroic Blue Circle being aided by a group of reformed criminals, all of whom offer their criminal expertise in the name of justice when called on by their masked leader, is a nice callback to the assistant-heavy pulp heroes of the previous decade. Plus, the assorted skillsets are crafted to fit into the story in a meaningful way. When he's busting up a counterfeit ration coupon ring, The Blue Circle calls upon Greg Stern, master counterfeiter. When kicking the craps table out of a bunch of crooked casino operators, The Blue Circle makes use of former casino cheat nicknamed Fixer. Or so I assume it's a nickname, he could be the proud offspring of Janet and Rory Fixer, for all I know...

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