Monday, February 6, 2017


The Micronauts are getting to show off in this issue. While Biotron does neat limb-extending robot tricks and sings his own praises back at the workshop, Marionette exhibits an uncanny skill with animal handling, Acroyear shows off his tremendous strength by tearing a chain-link fence into ribbons -- keeping in mind that he's the size of an action figure, so this is the equivalent of ripping pylons in half. I suddenly wish we'd seen Acroyear, full size, facing off against characters like Thor or The Thing. Or maybe he will! I dunno! I've only read five issues!  

You're never too old to watch a tiny lady open a car door. It's good that they've all showed up, though, because the ominous similarity between the allegedly technical appellation "Human Engineering Life Laboratory" and Baron Karza's "Body Banks" is effectively explained: Dr.Prometheus already knows about the Microverse! He's been collecting dead soldiers and wrecked artifacts for years! And he's trying to steal its secrets via the Prometheus Pit, so that he can make himself a GAW-AW-AW-AWWDDDD...

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