Thursday, January 19, 2017

GONE & FORGOTTEN meets The Whistler!

...Young Mallory Drakes, would-be police reporter, berates his editor into finally gifting him his sought-after assignment, and rushes off to tell his world-famous brother the good news. What inordinate skill granted older sibling Jerry Drake the celebration of the world's audiences? He was a theatrical whistler. I can hardly imagine someone whistling their way to rapturous applause, but then again there used to be musical farters. Also, have you ever seen the Jim Rose Circus? Or Two Broke Girls? Anything's possible...

...Before death takes him completely, Jerry begs his younger brother to remember an ominous musical tone of their youth. "Remember ... once you whistled ... three notes? Made shivers run down my spine" he confesses, dying, "Scariest sound I ever heard." 

"Use that whistle to scare criminals. Pay them back...

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