Wednesday, September 21, 2016

GONE & FORGOTTEN meets 'The Farmer's Daughter'


But it was a big hit, for a time. DC's The Adventures of Bob Hope, prior to its later-run delightful absurdity and to name a high-profile example, has already been characterized as a living document of practically criminal levels of groping and subway hollering. It's practically a paean to candid upskirt photography. It was probably big in Georgia. 

ACG also boasted (or is that BUST-ed hahaha now I'm doing it) its Dizzy Dames title, previously written about in agog tones on this blog. Then there was also always Torchy and her many imitators, to name a couple. But for Stanhall Publications, this model was their bread-and-butter (or do I mean bread-and-BUST-er again goddamnit I'm doing it again), with ditzy-sex-object titles like G.I.Jane, Broadway-Hollywood Blackouts and The Farmer's Daughter...

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