Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Rule #1: If Superman is wearing a silly hat, shit is about to get real.


While Batman and Robin take the initiative to find their absent friend, they're unaware of the trials which have bedeviled him. The powerful explosion of the volcano has given Superman super-amnesia. Rather than wandering the jungles of South America in a total fog, he's adopted by a friendly if hidden tribe of aboriginal South Americans. Naturally, he becomes their king. You adopt a Superman, you're gonna make that guy a king.

Devoid of his memory, Superman is initially friendly to Batman and Robin, despite the fact that they went and started beef with the lost Aztec (or whatever) tribe on sight, just like racists would do. Oh Batman and Robin, we all thought better of you than that.

Complicating this, however, is that career criminal Floyd Frisby (inventor of the "Flying Floyd Disc," I believe) has inveigled himself into Superman's confidence and convinced the mind-muddled Super-dude that his former friends are in fact evil weirdos...

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