Thursday, June 18, 2015

Looking towards the future and bringing up the rear.

Well here we are, a place I never thought I would be. My entire ten year backlog of stories and novels (plus a lot of new stuff I worked on over the last few years) has been posted here on one form or another. I have no new content to share right now.

But fear not I am working on new material, more Night Blogger audio adventures and standalone short horror stories. I have already finished a whole bunch of new first drafts that I am working on polishing up. I also have a bunch of new outlines for Binder of Shame stories I want to get done but I am hoping to you guys will pay me a little something for those via my Patreon page.

I don’t plan on writing any new novels for a while, what I really want to do is move the Night Blogger tales forward as an audio series. Kind of like WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE but with more monsters and dick jokes. With that in mind I am holding off on adding new prose to the Night Blogger A SEASON IN HELL storyline until the stories have made their debut in audio/podcast format. Some may even disappear for a while as I revise them.

I really hope you folks excited and interested about all this new stuff and keep visiting.

But just in case you could care less… here come the BOOTIES!

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