Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Paul Hanley can't prevent the catharsis of spurious morality but he can draw ANYONE as the Doctor!


Been a while since I put out an open call for commissions. I usually have a backlog, but right now my only one is a prose story that I'm slowly making headway on. So nothing new to draw, which can make me a bit stir crazy. I need some "down and dirty" commissions I can do in a few hours to keep myself sharp. So with that in mind, I'm offering a very specific sale that's well below my usual rates...



Like the title says, I'll draw anyone as the Doctor. With all the current speculation, a lot of people keep asking me "Do you think (blank) would make a good Doctor? What kind of costume do you think they should have?" Well, now you can find out. For just $70, I'll do a full-body color portrait of any casting choice you have and design a costume for them. Tilda Swinton? Paterson Joseph? Peter Dinklage? Johnny Depp? Rick Mayall? Prince Harry? Nick Frost? Jason Statham? Maggie Smith? Bring it on! But one wrinkle- add $30 if it isn't someone who's a celebrity. I'm happy to draw you as the Doctor, but that's probably a little less fun for my DA audience at large (no offense), so it'll cost a little extra.



The fine print: these are digital-only (no original art will be shipped to you) and have to be paid for up front. They'll have minimal backgrounds taken from stock images I already have (the whole idea is that I can do each one quickly)- but I can add an original background for $40 if it isn't too complex (in other words, don't ask me to design a console room). I won't start till an idea's been agreed on, but once it's drawn there's no revisions- each commission is on an "as-is" basis. I reserve the right to turn anything down, though it probably won't be b/c the idea is too "out there"- I like a challenge. More likely it'll be because it's something with too much specific input (sometimes that's okay, but a lot of the fun for me is designing something out of my own head).


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